13th Feb. 2018:

There's something around the corner!

1st May. 2017:

Slow, but definitely very strong, progress. It may seem as though this site has become redundant recently, but don't let the lack of visual activity fool you! There really has been a lot of action behind the scenes. I've migrated to MSVC2017 and its new toolset, and have updated all of my frameworks and libraries for newer and more stable updates to the current software. I now have a new guitar amp simulator working well, using 4 virtual ECC83/12AX7 tubes and a variety of mic/cabinet Impulse Responses. There's a new 4-band Parametric EQ with High/Low Shelving and Virtual Analogue Highpass and Lowpass filters. It's coupled to a nice FFT display so it looks funky and has cool realtime user feedback. I also have a VST3 compressor in the works with sidechain capabilities and an FFT/Cairo graphical display. I just have to work on which libraries I can use for fair licensed releases. Easier said than done considering that most C++ libraries seem to be comprised of multiple sub-libraries, each with their own subsequent license. It's hard, but I'll get there!

19th Feb. 2017:

So, what is seemingly becoming a regular monthly update to this site is again upon us. Unfortunately there isn't anything new to play with just yet, but rest assured I've been very busy "under the hood" with a few new projects. I now have some working examples using Wave Digital Filters, which are essentially physically modelled networks of actual analogue electronic components: resistors, capacitors, tubes, op-amps, &c.; and I also managed to get the VA State Variable Filter from Vadim Zavalishin's book up and running too, so expect some analogue goodness coming up soon! In other news, there are some new distortion "stomp boxes" in the works that'll accompany the ODT plug-in in a brand-new "guitar package"; I have an excellent analogue sounding Parametric EQ plug-in up and running (I just want to convert it to the WDL-OL framework from JUCE before I publish it); and a new Chnoubis update is starting to take shape too! Expect some major changes just around the corner!

21st Jan. 2017:

We're well into the New Year now. Eventually, after all of the festivities, a pretty bad flu, and a lot of testing, the ODT Distortion plug-in has finally been updated to v1.0.2 and uploaded to the site. There are now two versions, Mono and Stereo, to play with on various sources. Have fun!

3rd Dec. 2016:

Still working on the demos for the stereo version of the ODT Distortion plugin (in all honesty, I've been so happy with just playing guitar through it that I've lost all sense of time and haven't actually gotten around to recording anything yet. Oops! It does sound killer though, and the more I play around with it through various guitar amp sims and convolution cabinets, the more I'm loving the range of sounds and tones it can produce!) So, that's coming soon, but what is new is a complete reworking of the Moog_Ladder filter. A new version has been uploaded to the downloads section and store, and it has a few new cool features that may take your fancy. Non-linearity anyone? Creamy goodness!

28th Nov. 2016:

Okay, so I was a little optimistic when I said the last time around that I'd upload some updated software the "next day." That never happened, but some updates are on their way, I promise. We recently finished a stereo version of the ODT distortion plugin. It's starting to sound killer when run in conjunction with a guitar amp simulator! The plugin will be uploaded after a few more tests, and new audio demos will accompany it too. We've also been assigning MIDI CC params to the Analogy synth and the Moog LPF, so you'll be able to control filter sweeps, etc., from a MIDI keyboard. In other news, we've started to work on an analogue modelled EQ (unfortunately this won't hit the site for six months or so yet. It's mentally taxing and time consuming work!), a major revision to Chnoubis has been planned (including a graphical overhaul, MIDI CC responsiveness and dropping VST3 support in favour of having more advanced modulation controls for the VST2), and a few more graphical changes to the site have also been applied. :)

12th Nov. 2016:

Some major site refurbishments today, and possibly some updated software tomorrow. We now have our very own PHP contact form, and we're also trying to go Open Source on all of our site widgets, i.e., JavaScript, JQuery, etc. It isn't quite an HTML5 responsive masterpiece yet, but the site is now much, much faster!

30th Oct. 2016:

A bunch of new software has just been uploaded. First off is a new synth, Analogy, that has been designed using RackAFX and with the help of Will Pirkle's books and videos. Then we have an emulation of the legendary Moog Ladder Filter, again designed within RackAFX. Lastly, we have also uploaded three effects processors: a Simple Delay, a Simple Flange, and a Simple Chorus; all of which have been designed and built using the JUCE framework and with alrogithms taken from Joshua D. Reiss & Andrew P. McPherson's book, "Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application." There has also been a few minor site tweaks here and there to keep things in order! Enjoy!

16th Oct. 2016:

ODT Distortion has been updated to v1.0.1, implementing a bypass footswitch and LED. Go to the downloads section here, or to the store here, to grab the update!

15th Oct. 2016:

Minor site tweaks, fixed links, etc.

2nd Oct. 2016:

Chnoubis has been updated to v1.0.1, implementing a stereo pair of VU meters to the amplifier section for visual monitoring of the output level. Go to the downloads section here, or to the store here, to grab the update!